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Normetals can cut your steel to suit your needs

What Are Your Steel Cutting Needs?

At Normetals we understand that every project is unique. The design, process, location and materials all mean that the task at hand should be approached differently. To ensure that your Adelaide steel supplies are specific to your particular required application, we offer a comprehensive cutting service for our customers.

To ensure that the steel supplies are cut with precision to the exact requirements you may have, we use our saws and guillotine on our high-quality steel. Whether you are placing a significant order of structural steel for a large commercial project, or you only need smaller components, we have the ability to cut all of your Adelaide steel supplies.


Different products

Normetals offer a range of steel supplies in Adelaide, the vast majority of which we can cut. Whether it is piping, beams, rods or sheeting, accurate cutting to a particular size is essential. While these materials are often offered in different widths and depths, the lengths can be cut with millimetre accuracy. With this service, you are far more likely to find that Normetals stocks the product you need for your next project.

By calling Normetals, you will be able to determine whether your particular envisioned product (regarding size) is possible with cutting.


For custom projects

During the detailed planning stages of a commercial or residential building project, there will be a long list of particular lengths, widths and depths, which all need to be closely adhered to. Incorrectly cut steel can be extremely harmful to the structural integrity of a building. There are also financial repercussions to purchasing steel and cutting it to the wrong size. It is vital to ensure that the measurement and cutting of your steel supplies in Adelaide is completed with accuracy. At Normetals we can help you achieve your goal and complete your task without stress by helping you during this initial stage.



Another service offered by Normetals that will help you preserve time when it comes to your Adelaide steel supplies is delivery. When time is of the essence, receiving the Adelaide steel supplies you need for your project on time is essential, and often, construction companies do not have the resources to collect the materials themselves. At Normetals, we can supply your steel, cut it to length and deliver it to your site, all you need to do is make a call!

To remove the stress of your next building project, have our team cut your steel products to exact size when you order them. Operating as so much more than just a supplier, Normetals can guide you through the ordering, cutting and delivery process. For all of your Adelaide steel supplies needs, visit Normetals and let us take the load off.

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