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Our Retaining Walls, Sheds, and Residential Fences & Gates

At Normetals, we have a great reputation as scrap-metal dealers and steel specialists, but we also sell a number of top-quality products for industrial, rural and private purposes. These include retaining walls, steel sheds and residential fencing supplies. Let’s take a closer look at those three categories…

Our Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a landscaping concept dating back to ancient times and there are several types. However, for modern urban settings, many people tend to favour concrete sleepers, combined with a steel fence if the wall marks the edge of the property. If you’re looking to construct a retaining wall – whether to prevent erosion and hold back water or just create an attractive barrier – Normetals can supply both the sleepers and the fencing materials (see below). What’s more, our concrete sleepers are available in sizes, shapes, patterns and colours to match the look of your house/yard. Just let us know your design concept and we’ll suggest the right sleepers to suit!

Our Steel Sheds

We specialise in providing easy-to-install Colorbond steel sheds for an array for purposes – storing gardening items, as a proper sit-in workshop, for pool equipment or bikes… We can even assist with more unusual needs such as if you’re wanting a kids’ cubby house or an aviary for your prized birds or even a writer’s retreat. On top of that, we can assist you with getting a building permit (if necessary), preparing the site and putting down a stable concrete foundation. As with our retaining walls, our steel sheds come in all kinds of sizes and colours. You’re not limited to certain models, either, and can customise the floorplan to fit the space/intended use.

Our Residential Fencing

Fencing your residential property is also a breeze thanks to our extensive range and the extras we offer such as rapid-set concrete. It doesn’t matter whether you’re putting up the fences (and gates) yourself or hiring tradies to take care of the hard work, Normetals should be your go-to source for every sort of post, panel and other bit of fencing gear, large of small. Once again, there are sizes, styles and colours to suit any outdoor décor. You’d be crazy to try to piece together what you need at a supermarket supplier when you can visit a firm with years of experience in this area and leave with exactly what’s required for the job – plus expert advice to stop you going wrong.

Need Steel Supplies for Your Next Project?

At Normetals, we’re known as a leader in steel products in Adelaide and across the rest of South Australia. We offer great products at competitive prices, backed by the best service. For more information, email ( ), call toll-free on 1800 88 22 66 or use the online form here. Whatever you require for your house, farm or factory, chances are we either have it in stock or be able to get it. Why would you go anywhere else for steel supplies?

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