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The Different Types of Scrap Metal & How Normetals Can Assist

People in Adelaide and around wider South Australia know that Normetals are who you contact when you have unwanted metal items to recycle. But not everyone understands which materials are desirable or their differences. Below is some basic info on key types of scrap metal, followed by details of how we can assist you in recycling them to help both the environment and your hip pocket.


Aluminium is a metal that, as we all know, is commonly used for drink cans. Recycling it into new aluminium is both cheaper and requires significantly less energy than refining it from mined ore. That is the case with most scrap metals. Recycled aluminium can be used for various types of vehicles and computers, not to mention the cladding, guttering and wiring in and around our homes.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with uses in areas as diverse as artworks, building fittings, military equipment, musical equipment and security. The qualities that make it popular for manufacturing are its resistance to corrosion and low friction. It can be recycled over and over, and an estimated 90% of the brass produced today is recycled. However, the demand for more remains high.


Recycled copper loses none of its quality, which explains why an estimated 80% of all processed copper around the world remains in use today. It goes without saying, then, that it is among the most popular sorts of scrap for recycling purposes. As a metal, copper is ductile, malleable and a superb conductor. It can be found in electricals, plumbing, etc. and as a basis for jewellery and ornaments.


Like copper, lead is ductile and malleable. Unlike copper, it is a poor conductor – which can be a desirable trait. It is also dense and resistant to corrosion. Lead is famously used for batteries, sheathing/shielding and weights. Since lead is potentially poisonous to humans, its manufacture and disposal need to be carefully controlled. Recycling is a crucial part of this.

Ready to Recycle Your Scrap Metal?

At Normetals, we’re known as a leader in buying scrap metal both in Adelaide and across South Australia. If you have suitable items to get rid of from your home, farm or business, we offer convenience, competitive prices and top service. For more info or to organise your scrap-metal collection/drop-off and recycling, email us at or call our toll-free number – 1800 88 22 66 .

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