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Everything you need to know about scrap metal recycling and energy consumption

In the modern age, we know that an increased recycling contribution equals lower energy consumption. Commonly, this is concerned with plastics, glass and cardboard as we know it. However, at Normetals, we are passionate about the recycling of scrap metal and believe that this can process can lead to the same environmental benefits of the more common materials.

There are a few things the everyday Australian should know about scrap metal recycling and its relationship to energy consumption, and we have them right here!


Preserving natural resources

In the production of most materials, we require precious natural minerals that are depleting every day. By recycling scrap metal (and many other materials), we preserve these minerals. Every tonne of steel that we recycle saves 1131 kilograms of iron ore, 633 kilograms of coal and 54 kilograms of limestone. The preservation of these materials highlights the positives of scrap metal recycling. Iron ore is used for making metals, and coal is used to produce energy, which is needed in excess to produce these products from scratch.


Shorter production process

The reforming or repurposing of recycled scrap metal materials takes about a quarter less energy than creating these materials from scratch. By using less energy, we reduce emissions and once again preserve fossil fuels by limiting the number of factory services and machinery that needs to be used. This shorter production process is only possible with recycled materials. The same metal produced can be continuously be recycled without losing any quality. So if we all do our part, energy consumption for steel manufacturing will drop significantly.


Landfill clearing

If we dispose of our metal products through a traditional means, we are likely to contribute to the continuously growing landfill spaces across Australian. These spaces expand, and as a result, habitats for local wildlife and flora are destroyed. Similarly, waste if often burnt to make space which releases harmful chemicals into the environment and atmosphere.


Carbon emissions

The steel production process and clearing landfill spaces release carbon emissions. The more these emissions are reduced, the greater it is for the environment. By making a commitment to reduce carbon emissions through limited energy consumption, our recycling habits can go a long way to creating a sustaining and healthy environment. This can all start with your scrap steel, as this particular material is vital to so many industries, but also takes a lot to create.

Scrap metal recycling and decreasing energy consumption go hand-in-hand. By visiting Normetals with your scrap metal, you can help decrease carbon emissions, reduce landfill space and preserve energy and natural resources all in one hit. If you have some scrap metal laying around and want to make your personal contribution to these energy-saving aspects of society swing by Normetals today!

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