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Normetals has Your Galvanised Steel Pipe Needs Covered!

Galvanised Steel Pipes At Normetals

With the evolvement and complexity of manufacturing processes in recent times, the options for steel buyers has expanded to suit a wide variety of unique needs across a range of industries.

However, not all steel is equal, and the type of steel pipe used should be determined by what it will be used for. Adelaide homes require access to gas and water in order for residents to live a comfortable life. With gas providing cooking and heating functions and water merely being a life necessity it is highly essential that the correct pipe materials are used to run these through homes and businesses with ease.

The two most widely used pipes to do this are black and galvanised pipe. Luckily for you, Normetals are Adelaide’s leading steel suppliers. And with an extensive range of steel pipe supplies, we have your galvanised pipe, black pipe and painted pipe needs covered!


Why choose Galvanised Steel or Black Piping?

When it comes to choosing the right piping material for your home or businesses water and gas flow, you can’t go past a galvanised steel piping solution!

At Normetals we stock an extensive range of galvanised and black piping options. Both black and galvanised piping options are made from steel. However, each piping material will serve a different purpose in your home or business.

Galvanised pipe is coated with zinc while the black pipe is not. Black pipe is best used for gas lines, rather than water because it can corrode in contact with water, while the galvanised pipe is a safer piping option to use for water as it is extremely durable.

While you may be thinking, why not just used galvanised piping for both water and gas? This is because the galvanised pipes zinc coating can clog the lines if it begins to flake. However, it has many other uses than just for water transportation. Galvanised pipe is perfect for outdoor railings, scaffolding, fences, sewerage plumbing, and farm irrigation. With an average life expectancy of 40 plus years, galvanised piping is best used for large construction projects.


Steel Cutting and Delivery Service

Once you have selected your Normetals steel piping solution, why not take advantage of our quality onsite guillotine and cutting service. Using our specialist machinery, we can cut your steel piping to meet your exact measurements and requirements!

Taking our passion for great customer service even further, we offer each of our customers the option of pick up or home delivery. Taking the stress out of material delivery or removal, allowing you to focus on your next project.


Visit the Steel Professionals today!

Looking for the best in Adelaide steel supplies? Visit the Normetals team today. With 5 acres of steel supplies, there’s something for everyone at Normetals!

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