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One-stop-shop for all of your Adelaide steel supplies – Normetals

For just about every application out there, whether you need a fence, or are building something as big as a hospital, you are going to need a range of different steel products. At Normetals, we have taken this constant need of the Adelaide public and crafted a business that aims to help every South Australian get the products they need.

We take scrap and car bodies from the public for cash, but we also offer one of the most extensive ranges of steel products on the market. Whether you need something small, something big or just a few items for some weekend work, we have you covered.

Fencing and gates

We offer our customers a range of different fencing supplies. Covering different styles, colours and formats, whether you need a complete fence or need to fix a small area, we will have the product that suits your needs. We also offer substantial fences and gates that can be used on farms. For builders, or even homeowners looking to renovate, Normetals can help you out.


We offer a range of shed solutions that are suitable for residential properties. These prefabricated sheds are perfect for some added storage or even extra space for recreation. Commonly, these shed’s come in a range of colours and are perfect for bikes, tools and the seasoned furniture you may have. At Normetals, we have a range of different styles and sizes available to the public, so if you need a shed, ask the steel specialists at Normetals what will suit your requirements.

Pipes, beams and plates

Our largest contingent of steel supplies consists of pipes, beams and plates for construction. Steel frames are incredibly common for homes and businesses being built in Adelaide. We have an incomparable range of Adelaide steel supplies and can help any commercial or residential project find the steel supplies they require.

We also deliver large orders of steel products to the site, so you don’t need to worry about anything other than construction!

Anchors & Chains

Whether you need to lock a gate, or need to moor your boat, we have you covered. With a range of different chains coming in different lengths and widths, we can help you secure anything. If you need a chain for a specific purpose, and you have a required length, we can help you find the best option!

No matter what your steel supply requirement is in Adelaide, Normetals have the capability to help you out. With a vast range of services and steel supplies, the team can help you find out exactly what your property will need. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and can help you put the right foot forward with your next project. For steel supplies in Adelaide, big or small, swing by Normetals today.

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