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Scrap pickup service for Adelaide business

The recycling of scrap metal in Adelaide is a great way to contribute to a cleaner state and a more sustainable atmosphere. There are a long-list of benefits to recycling scrap steel, and whether you are just getting rid of waste, or you have the environment in mind, At Normetals, we have a system that can help you achieve your goal.

We offer a regular pickup and drop off service for our skip bins, allowing you to remove scrap steel in Adelaide without any inconvenience! This unique service is fantastic for businesses, but can be used by a number of different South Australians.


Scrap metal bins

At Normetals’ Grand Junction Road location, we house a range of different skip bins. Coming in different sizes and functions, there will be an option that works for you. We have roll-on-roll-off containers and bins that can be forklifted, allowing us to retrieve your bin efficiently with ease. Our team can offer advice as to which option will suit your property type and disposal requirements. Scrap steel from your bins is then taken to our facilities, where we distribute it accordingly.


Regular scrap metal pick up

The Adelaide scrap pickup service we offer can be a one-off or an ongoing commitment. We can organise a regular pick up for your business, where we take your bin on a certain day and immediately replace it with an empty alternative. This way, you will always have a scrap steel option on your property.


For a range of property types

As long as we have access, you can have a skip bin. Whether you are a building site, where you will need this bin during construction, or you are a manufacturing business that commonly has scrap steel to get rid of, we can deliver a scrap bin, or pick up any waste you have at the site.


Why use this service

Recycling scrap metal dramatically cuts down the manufacturing time of metal from scratch. This decreases the number of carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere. Similarly, recycling steel means that depleting natural resources don’t have to be continuously used to create materials. If everyone recycled steel, we could ‘close the loop’ as the material can be reused time and time again without losing quality! So if you are considering whether a pick-up service for your scrap steel is worth it, think about how beneficial it can be.

Normetals’ Adelaide scrap metal pickup service is a unique and diligent option for businesses and construction sites. If you aren’t too sure how much waste you might have, call Normetal’s today and ask our professionals what size bin will best suit your needs. For steel supplies, services and more, visit Normetals.

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