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Did you know Normetals supply custom sheds?

You would be hard-pressed to find a property in Adelaide without a shed. At Normetals, we are realists, and we know that having a shed in the back corner of your block has near unlimited potential for functionality. If the garage just isn’t cutting it, or you are sick of having to keep your golf clubs in the house, call Normetals today to organise a custom shed in Adelaide .

Using the finest Australian steel, we can help you design a shed that is both functional and good-looking! If this is the addition you are looking for, there are a few things to consider!


Storage and more

Before inquiring about a custom-built shed with Normetals, you should consider just what you will be using it for. This will help you influence the style and size of the shed. At Normetals, we have seen Adelaide sheds used for vastly different purposes. More commonly, it is storage. For bikes, the lawnmower, some old boxes, a small square shed is perfect. It is crucial to think about the specifics of the shed use, as this can help you decide whether to implement shelves, windows and locks.

We have also seen people use sheds for small gyms and even man caves, the possibilities are endless, and we have the capabilities to make your idea a reality.


Quality sheds

At Normetals, our number one priority is quality. If your shed is going to be housing valuable materials, you will want the security of knowing that any unauthorised visitor will not be able to access it. With the more durable steel available, your shed will be as strong as they come. Withstanding the elements, and protecting what is inside, are characteristics you want your shed to exhibit! Whether you are a builder or an enthusiastic homeowner, you can find all of the necessary shed components at Normetals.


Versatile application

We stock different colour options and different sheet sizes so you can ensure that your shed is unique, and to your desire. Working in cooperation with you, you can ensure that your Adelaide shed will be what you envisage. Commercial or residential, large or small, there is flexibility in sheds, and if you have the slab poured already, it won’t be long until you have brand new shed for storage or recreation on your property.

The prefabricated materials for sheds are just a portion of the steel supplies we offer to the public. For every Adelaide steel requirement you may have, you cannot look past Normetals. Our passionate team and expert advice can help you get the high-quality shed you are looking for. For information about custom orders, call Normetals today or drop by our Grand Junction Road location.


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