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What Size Chains And Anchors Are Available At Normetals?

Choosing The Correct Anchor And Chain-

Unsure which size chain and anchor you need to get the job done? Don’t stress as Normetals provide the highest quality steel chains and anchors in Adelaide to cover your every need. We have a vast selection of chains and anchors to meet your demands.



Whether you’re hauling bulky cargo or simply providing extra security, our chains come in all different shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for anything chain related in Adelaide you’ve come to the right place. Our chains that we stock in Adelaide are made out of high-quality steel and have several different uses.

If you’re requiring a chain for hoisting any items, or for a rural property then the chain you need consists of a torus ring. You’re probably thinking why do I specifically need this chain? The answer Is pretty simple, the way that this chain is designed allows for flexibility which makes it easier for you when lifting or securing.

Our chains are designed in several sizes to cater to your every need. If you have any enquiries or require further knowledge about what size chain is right for you don’t hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves on the commitment of supplying high-quality steel products in Adelaide.



Planning on taking a voyage out to sea? better make sure you have the right anchor. Depending on your vessel size you may not know what anchor you require, leave that to us we’ll help you out.

The anchors that we stock in Adelaide cater for several different sized vessels from small to large and everything in between.

There are several different types of anchors to consider, depending on your boat size and the types of waters you’ll be travelling through therefore it is important you get the right anchor.

Anchor types vary from those that are best in clay, mud and sand to those that work better in amongst coral, stone and heavy weeds.

In our commitment to producing the highest quality steel products in Adelaide, all of our anchors are made out of the premium quality steel. And our service doesn’t just involve providing you with a high-quality steel anchor, we are always available to answer any enquiries or provide any advice to help you as much as possible.

Our Adelaide chains and anchors are produced from the highest quality of steel to ensure that they not only get the job done but produce satisfaction for you. Normetals stock several different sizes in these two categories to cater for your every need. We pride ourselves on supplying the best steel products in Adelaide, please feel free to contact us for any enquiries.

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