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What types of scrap metals are accepted at Normetals?

The collection and recycling of scrap metal is a vastly environmentally beneficial process. While there are recycling depots, at Normetals we are steel experts and know the value and process of steel recycling. Whether it is on a large industrial scale, or you have some scrap steel left over from some weekend work, we can take it off your hands for a rebate.

Reforming steel rather than creating it from scratch reduces carbon emissions and therefore creates less air pollution and global heating. It all starts with you. We take almost all scrap steel materials, if you are looking for somewhere to take your scrap steel, look no further.


Copper & Brass

Copper and brass provide a larger cash rebate per kilogram than most Adelaide scrap metals and are incredibly common in plumbing. These items are used as piping, wiring, valves and many other places around regular properties. At Normetals, we take these materials and ensure that they are delivered to the necessary areas for repurposing, and based on the weight, compensate you accordingly. These materials can be unearthed during renovations, demolition or even found in storage!


Car Bodies & Batteries

A reality of vehicles is that that are prone to breaking down. Both batteries and the bodies themselves can be turned into Normetals to save you the hassle of trying to dispose of them yourself. Car bodies are comprised of metals that we ensure are delivered to the necessary repurposing facilities. Whether you are a mechanic or someone who collects cars recreationally, you may be in need of large car body disposal. We have the facilities and the capabilities to help you.


Lead and Aluminium

Lead and aluminium can also be deposited for cash. There is a rebate on these materials. The bonus is that lead is dense and is often found in abundance around construction sites of both residential and commercial projects. Rebates aside, the removal of these materials is essential for safety, and environmental sustainability.



Finally, we offer a unique and innovative service where we clean out large factories for steel, both scrap and old machinery. When moving premises to upgrade, it can be exorbitant to remove any leftover items from the factory, not to mention stressful. At Normetals, we can help you achieve this goal, providing you with peace of mind and without the stress of Adelaide scrap metal disposal.

Normetals can take care of the vast majority of scrap metal you may find. We go above and beyond, providing additional services that all relate to the cleanup of your project. We take away the stress of disposal, ensuring that your waste metals are going in the right direction. For more information, call Normetals today for all of your Adelaide scrap metal needs.

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