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Where can I buy chains and anchors?

Chains And Anchors At Normetals

When you think of steel supplies, you often consider things like piping, beams, rod and other structural components. At Normetals, we go further, stocking a range of other steel products that are fundamental to structural and marine-related activities.

Our range of steel supplies is complemented by the addition of chains and anchors. With marine batteries in stock, clients looking to make alterations to their boat for the better, can use Normetals to do so. If you are looking for more than just a scrap metal dealer or a structural steel supplier, you will be able to find what you are looking for at Normetals.


Going Further

Our decision to stock anchors and chains comes from our core priority of providing the highest-quality steel products on the market. From inception, our number one priority has been to supply steel products (and related services) to the South Australian public. Based on demand, we have created a stock of chains and anchors that our clients need most.

Chains and anchors in Adelaide are just one example of our commitment to steel supplies in Adelaide. Every item that we have put on our stock list has been carefully curated.


Sizes and applications

While the use of an anchor is relatively straightforward, chains have many different applications and purposes. Whether you need to secure a trailer or enhance the security of your rural property, a strong, high-quality chain is what you need.

The Adelaide chains and anchors we offer come in a number of different sizes, for small boats and larger boats, or chains for significant security, we have the stock. Sometimes, it is difficult to know exactly what product you will need for a certain application. At Normetals, we can help you determine which Adelaide chain and anchor suits your particular need.


Combined with a range of other services

Not only do we sell steel supplies to our clients, but we also take scrap steel for a cash rebate. This service is available on a commercial level or even a smaller, residential, level. We also offer products that surpass conventional steel supplies such as vehicle batteries. Whether it is to accompany your boat (with your brand new anchor) or for a high-performance vehicle, we have the stock and the knowledge to provide you with what you need. Normetals are Adelaide’s leading steel experts and can be your one-stop-shop for all of your steel needs.

Our Adelaide chains and anchors are comprised of the highest-quality steel available. For the security of your boat, property, or gates, you deserve the choice from the most extensive product range on the market. At Normetals, you will find more than you expected, so, drop by out at our Grand Junction Road location today!

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