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Normetals is your source of Structural Steel in Adelaide

In 2018, the application of steel for building projects has become a common occurrence. Due to the innovative technologies, and accessibility of the material, everything from large commercial projects to residential projects is adopting steel frames. To complete a project in this fashion, you will need structural steel of a vast variety.

For the most extensive range of structural steel products in Adelaide, Normetals has you covered. Our Grand Junction Road facilities are home to different piping, beams, plates and rods. Whether you need steel for a whole commercial project or need a few extra beams for existing construction, Normetals can help.



The implementation of structural steel in larger, Adelaide commercial projects has become a staple. At Normetals, we have the capability to supply steel for Adelaide’s biggest projects. When it comes to car dealerships, service stations and schools, there are a number of different pieces that need to work together to ensure the structural integrity of the project.

From the foundation of the project to the finishing touches, Normetals can help project managers, architects and builders, by providing accurate information on the highest-quality steel available. Whether you quickly need some structural steel to replace damage to existing infrastructure or need a whole project worth of steel, Normetals can help!



While the use of timber for residential property frames has long been the norm, recently, more and more Adelaide properties have elected to use structural steel when building homes. Over the years it has become a common material when constructing beachfront properties due to its resistance to water damage and corrosion.

If you are looking to use innovative practices to construct your dream home, look no further than structural steel.

Builders and architects can help you determine if this option is viable both physically and financially. Normetals can supply all of the structural steel you may need for a residential application.



Finally, for all of your Adelaide structural steel needs, Normetals offer efficient and effective delivery. We understand that there are times when urgency is vital, and must be delivered to site immediately. From our facilities, we can fulfil a structural steel order, and deliver it to a site within the greater Adelaide area via truck. Removing the stress of sourcing the steel, this service can be the difference between getting a project completed by handover, and being continuously delayed.

With the use of structural steel becoming more common, finding a supplier that is helpful, well-stocked and cooperative is essential. Normetals can help fulfil your structural steel requirements for commercial and residential projects. To find out more about our stock, or to make an order, call or visit Normetals today.

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